About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our home on the web.

We are preservation breeders of German Shepherds believing in a versatile family dog still capable of its original purpose, which was a herding dog when needed,protector when needed,family dog all of the time.

We were born into the wonderful world of purebred dogs,learning from an early age the beauty of their purpose and history. We entered the ring for the first time back in 1993, and since then our passion hasn't dwindled. Having competed & excelled with dogs in many capacities including Conformation,Schutzhund,Obedience,Rally, Dock Diving,Scentwork, Herding, Fast CAT & therapy work we value a biddable dog willing to conquer the world with us.

Although we support and encourage all responsibly bred lines of German Shepherds, after owning several types of German & Eastern European Working Lines  & West German Showlines  throughout the years, we have found our heart lies with beautiful & capable moderate American Showlines.

We are members of:

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America

Atlanta Obedience Club

North American Stock Dog Association

IACP Professional Member

AKC CGC Evaluator