1 Sable Female,1 black female
training started
Please call,chat or text for info on available puppies. 404-369-2969

Planned litters

Kenya's Summer/Fall Litter

This litter will be super sweet, and fun. Great for active families or for the performance ring. Available to select show home as well. Puppies will be top end of the standard in size.

Kenya is expected in season June 2022

Puppies would be expected to go home October 2022

All Stock Coats 

All Black & Tans


Wait List Open

This litter will be super sweet, happy,outgoing and fun. Great for families or for the show/performance ring. Puppies will be top end of the standard in size.

Vegas is expected in season August 2022.

Puppies would be expected to go home December 2022

Stock Coats & Long Coats


Wait List Open

Futurity/Maturity Nominated

Vegas' Fall/Winter Liter

Rome's Fall/Winter Litter


This pairing will produce moderate, fun to live with, sweet dogs. Wonderful for active families or performance capacities. Puppies will be in standard for size.

Rome is expected in season Sept 2022.

Puppies would be expected to go home Jan 2023

All Stock Coats

Black & Tan's /Solid Blacks

WaitlIst Open

Futurity/Maturity Nominated

Mojave's Fall/Winter Litter

Puppies from this litter will have great drive for active families,or performance homes. Smart & very self assured. Strong Personality, Ideally for experienced homes.Puppies will be in standard for size.


Mojave is expected in season Sept 2022.

Puppies would be expected to go home Jan 2023

Stock & Long Coats

Sables /Black & Tan's

Waitlist Open

Futurity/Maturity Nominated

General puppy info

Puppy Selection: Puppies are matched based on temperament first.We complete a number of temperament tests until the 7th week to best determine things like drive, dominance etc.  Its important for both the puppy & the home that its a  good fit. All puppies are cute,we want to ensure our pups are in homes that will appreciate them for who they are for years to come. We will do our best to fit you to color ,look etc that you prefer and will always take into consideration if there is a particular puppy you are drawn to but ultimately we won't place a puppy in a  home that is a poor fit for it.  If there is multiple pups that fit your needs,we will let you pick from there. If you have non negotiable points, its important for us to know. You do not HAVE to take the puppy picked for you and are in fact welcome to wait for another litter if you would prefer.

Males will not be placed in show homes unless testicles have descended by 9 weeks.

*While I respect those who need a Service Dog. I do not sell to potential service homes,I don't believe GSDs are the best candidate in many cases  for service work and when washed out they usually need new homes from all they've known for the their first few years,which I do not believe is fair to the dog.


Puppy Pricing : Pricing will range depending on specific litter not per puppy. Unproven parents or lower level titles will have more affordable litters. I do not charge differently depending on color ,nor do I offer "first pick" for a cost. Best fit is always my concern. Expect to spend $1500-$2500 on a well bred GSD puppy from us.

Puppy Inclusions:

All litters:

AKC Registration Completed

Puppy Manual

Vaccinations at 6 & 9 weeks

Dewormed every 2 weeks from birth

Vet Checked

Raised with Early Neurological Stimulation

Free Training Sessions For Life

Microchipped & Enrolled in AKC Reunite Lifetime Service

Puppy Toy (that smells like mom & siblings)



Food  (for transition)

Discounted Boarding For Life

Lifetime Support

Health Guarantee

*Full Embark Panel

*Free Handling

*Futurity/Maturity Nominated

*Select Litters 

Copy & Paste then submit by email to
We can email you a copy if you have any issues

Puppy Application

*Name(s) of Adults in Household:
*Street Address:
*Phone Number:

*Primary Caregiver:

*Are you in the military?:

*Employment status:
-Full time
-Part time
-Self Employed

*How long have you been (employment status above)?

*Do you have a Veterinarian? (if yes who)

*Preferred Gender of Puppy:

*Budget for New Companion:

-Budget Is Non Factor

*Preferred Age:
-8 weeks
-Under 6 months

-6 months to 2 years
-2 years to 6 years

-Pet/Non Breeding

-Rent (with permission for large breed dog)
-Own (does your homeowner insurance cover GSDs?)

*Are you planning on moving in the near future?

*Do you have a fenced in yard?

*Approx property size:

*Children/Grandchildren in the household often?

*Allergies in the home to animals or dander?

*Have you ever owned a GSD?

*Have you ever given a dog to a rescue or shelter? ​If yes, why?

*Why do you want to own a GSD?

*What type of previous dog experience do you have?

*My dream dog temperament is..
-Social with friends/family
-Must love children
-Assistance qualified
-Assistance Hearing/Eye/Alert
-Home Protection
-Naturally Alert
-Naturally Aloof
-Creative independent thinker
-Highly biddable
-Soft,gentle,sweet,easy going
-Good with other dogs
-Low prey drive

-Therapy Candidate
-Eager to work
-Calm,laid back
-Competitive sport dog
-Farm dog
-Competitive conformation dog

*Additional Comments on Needs:

*Additional Comments on Wants:

*Preferred Look:

*Preferred Coat Length:

*Color Preference (Number in order desired)
-Solid Black
-Black /Red
-Bi Color
-Other (Detail)

*Average time together:
-After full time work/weekends companion
-After part time work/weekends companion
-Work from home
-Outside Companion
-Dog will come to work with me/us
-Sport Dog
-Farm Dog

*Where will this dog be kept when no one is home:
-Other (detail)

*Other pets currently in the home:
-Male neutered dog
-Female spayed dog
-Male intact dog

-Female intact dog
-Cat (s)
-Small inside pets such as rabbit,hamster etc
-Farm Animals
-Other (Detail)

*Training you intend:
-Puppy Classes (where,such as pet store etc)
-Advanced Classes (where,such as pet store etc)
-Board & Train

*What training method do you intend on using?
-E Collar
-Purely Positive
-Halti/Gentle Leader
-Other (detail)

*I researched the breed:

*References - Provide 2 . 1 must be non family

​*Do you agree to the following?

-I am willing to provide pictures of my home/ yard if needed
-I am willing to allow a home visit
-I understand the special needs of a large protective breed
-I have never had a cruelty to Animal Charge
-I will not use this dog for fighting
-I will not chain this dog as a means to keep it home
-If I have issues maintaining employment,I will make a sincere effort to provide for my dog or call
for assistance if need be
-I will not use this dog in any breeding program pure or mixed without legal breeding rights.
-​If I can no longer keep this puppy/dog for any reason I agree to return it to the breeder